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Specification of Travelator

A travelator or a moving walk is a device or means of transportation that can deliver humans from one floor to the next or from place to place which has a considerable distance and is relatively flat (has a small slope angle). This Travelaor has a straight or flat footing surface, so that it can make it easier for people with goods on the trolley or wheelchair users to pass it. Travelators can usually be found in shopping centers / supermarkets and airports. Travelator has 3 types, including: Incliend moving walk (Orinary), Inclined double-arc moving walk, and Horizontal moving walk. In choosing a Travelator it is determined by the amount of capacity needed. In addition, the selection of Travelators also needs to pay attention to several factors, including: slope angle, height between floors and operating system.Our company is in Surabaya. Our company has experience in the manufacture and assembly of vertical and horizontal transport vehicles in buildings. Not only in manufacturing and just circumcision, but we are also a service company for the maintenance or repair of vertical and horizontal transport vehicles. For now Travelator is a very important requirement for shopping centers / supermarkets and airports that require easier and more efficient mobility of goods.For each workmanship of making and assembling, maintenance or repair of Travelator and other vertical transportation equipment in the building carried out by our company is carried out by experts who are experienced in their fields and of course our experts are equipped with certificates of expertise including electronics engineers, engineering experts transportation in the building and K3 license Elevator and Escalator. In addition to certified K3 expertise and licenses our company also has an Elevator and Escalator installation permit from the Ministry of Manpower. And what's no less important is that our company has implemented European standardization by bagging ISO 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and EN81 certificates.For now our office is on Jl. Manukan Kulon No. 60 Blok E3 Kec. Tandes, City of Surabaya. Immediately contact our team to consult and get a Travelator at affordable prices for the best quality.

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