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11 Jun 2019
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Cargo Elevator

Specification of Cargo Lift

freight elevator or cargo lift is a device used to transport goods to the floor or higher place. In general, it is designed using a direct pull drive engine without any balancing load. The driving machine is usually Electric Chain hoist or Electric Rope Hoist. goods lifts have no standardization so the dimensions of the room can be made according to the client's needs. Doors of goods lifts are generally manually opened, can use Harmonica Door or Folding gate, or even swing doors with steel painted material or wire mesh. Goods lifts may not be used to transport passengers. Cargo lifts have 2 types, namely freight lifts and service lifts.

Our company is experienced in the manufacture and assembly of vertical transport equipment in buildings. not only manufacture and assembly but we are also a service company for maintenance or repair. currently the freight elevator is a very important need for various industries or companies that need easier and more efficient item mobilization.

At this time the elevator is no longer a luxury item that is only used by large companies or tall buildings, but also has been widely used in buildings that are not too high such as school buildings, hospital buildings, campus buildings, warehouses, projects, even private homes. especially for freight elevators are widely used by warehouses and hospitals because it is very helpful for the mobilization of goods.

For every workmanship of making and assembling goods lifts carried out by our company, it is done by experienced experts, of course our experts are equipped with a certificate of expertise including electronics engineering experts, transport engineers in buildings and K3 licenses for elevators and escalators. In addition to our K3 certified expertise and certification, our company also has an elevator and escalator installation permit from the Ministry of Labor. Last but not least, our company has implemented European standards by pocketing ISO certificates including ISO 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and EN81.

At present our office is in JL. manukan kulon number 60 block E3 kec. tandes Surabaya City. immediately contact our team for consultation and get the freight elevator at affordable prices for the best quality.

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